Oregon Bay Area Events  

Oregon has such a beautiful coast line that most of the events, festivals and celebrations are held mostly in the Bay area and by the coast. There is something very special about the adventures that one can have on the Oregon coast line.

Oregon is also a land of celebration and events and there are so many that are held through out the year for a tourists fantasy. That is why the state ranks among the top when it comes to travel and tourism. There are three kinds of tourism that always go hand in hand in Oregon and they are history, sports and festivals. These three are interlinked with each other. For example, the state celebrates the Shakespeare Festival, which is to celebrate the arts and literature, and many people from all over the world visit the state during the festival. It is almost like a carnival during that time and it is celebrated in the Bay Area.

If you would like to check out the Bay Area attractions, you should then look at the Bay Area events calendar, and you will find so many interesting things that you can attend. There are several festivals that are celebrated here, like Steve Prefontaine, the Olympic champion, is celebrated and hundreds of memorials that are held throughout the year for him.

The backdrops of the harbors with tall ships docked make a great sight and also set in the right mood. Also, every festival or event includes a lot of natural decorations like suing rare flora and fauna.

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Oregon Bay Area Events




Oregon-Climate      Oregon is one of the most popular states in the United States of America which ranks among the top for travel and tourism. Tourists usually enjoy the weather and climate here, and always find it to be very pleasant. Located by the ocean, the state is not only beautiful, but also enjoys the perfect weather most of the time. More..




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