Oregon Climate  

Oregon is one of the most popular states in the United States of America which ranks among the top for travel and tourism. Tourists usually enjoy the weather and climate here, and always find it to be very pleasant. Located by the ocean, the state is not only beautiful, but also enjoys the perfect weather most of the time.

Oregon’s weather is completely dependent on the weather circulation in the atmosphere. The Pacific Ocean decides how the weather is going to be through out the year. Oregon as a coast line but still is elevated. Most of the times, the state enjoys a moderate and a temperate climate. However, the variations are very often and extreme sometimes.

The inner regions of Oregon vary by climate and you will find a marked difference between the coastline and inner lands. The Cascade Mountain ranges separate the coastline and the inner land. As you go further into the elevations the climate is fairly cooler and like a very mountain type of atmosphere. The nights get chilly and the days get warmer. Summers can be very hot in some places of the coast and can touch as much as 48 degree Celsius. The Cascade Mountains act as a barrier for extreme weather conditions, and that is why it makes Oregon a safe state from natural calamities. Of course, the state does receive snowfall, but it is experienced in the higher parts of the mountains.

The lowest temperature recorded in Oregon has been -4 degrees centigrade and that is below freezing point. However, compared to so many other places of the United States this kind of low temperature is extremely tolerable.

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Oregon Climate




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