When Did Oregon Become A State ?  

Oregon was just a piece of beautiful land by the coast and not many people in the US knew about it in its formative years. When America started spreading from east to west rapidly, Oregon was found. So, all the states started receiving individual identification and that was when Oregon was actually identified. How each state became a unique geographic area and how they defined their boundaries is a very interesting subject to study in the US.

The state of Oregon is located on the Pacific Northwestern and is bordered by Washington and California. It also touches parts of Nevada and Idaho. Many historians have reasons to believe that Oregon as actually discovered by the Native Indians and the famous Oregon Trail was actually first traveled by the native Indians. However, the first people to arrive here were the Spanish Americans. First it was called the Oregon County, but since it was too big it had to be eventually recognized as a state.

Then in the mid of the 18th, century several travelers started visiting the state because they heard of its beauty and several people began living here too. It is actually the immigrants who made the state to what it is today.

Oregon soon became very populated by the mid of the 18th century, and on February 14 of 1859 it was admitted as the 33rd state in the American Union. This was just about the time when the American Civil War began. The rest is history as they say!

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When Did Oregon Become A State




Facts-About-The-State-Of-Oregon      Oregon is one of the most interesting places in the US. There are several interesting facts to know about this state. The Oregon’s State Flag has a picture of a beaver on it on the back side and is the only state to have two different figures on its flag. More..




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When Did Oregon Become A State ? )
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