Historical Landmarks In Pennsylvania  

Visiting the historical landmarks in Pennsylvania appears to be amongst the most enjoyable experiences of the entire trip to the state reason being the rich cultural heritage that these landmarks depict. There are various different things associated to these landmarks and each one of them has a unique story to tell. People must accompany their families with them while coming to such a beautiful place. This would help the entire family feel much closer to this place.

One must have enough time to visit all these landmarks that have been an important part of the history and have been the mere witnesses of every single event taking place within the state. Given below is a list of such historical landmarks in Pennsylvania that are to be visited by people at any cost otherwise the trip may turn up as incomplete:

  • Allegheny Portage Railroad is one of the historic landmarks.
  • Horseshoe Curve is world famous and shows the changes that have occurred throughout all these years.
  • Johnstown Incline Plane which is located on the top of Alleghenies is yet another awesome place to enjoy.
  • Historic Bakers Mansion displays the best furniture that is hard to be found anywhere else. One may also visit and enjoy a ride to the Cresson Summit.
  • Canal Basin which is known as a historic pathway exists even today and showcases the history associated to it since 1700s.

The above mentioned list is just a beginning in this direction. There is a lot more to be explored which would be known once a person starts off with the trip.

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Historical Landmarks In Pennsylvania




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