Pennsylvania Facts  

Pennsylvania is a very attractive place that always receives a very high footfall of the tourists every year. Every place has a distinct history which displays some of the most important events and incidents associated with it.

There are whole lots of things that people might know about this place but then there are also several secretive facts which can be known after reading the below mentioned secrets regarding the place:

  • The first baseball stadium was actually built during the year 1909 in Pittsburgh. The primary automobile service station was set up within the same state in the year 1913.
  • Hershey is famous as the Chocolate capital of the U.S.
  • This state became famous as the home for the first computer during the year 1946.
  • The primary daily newspaper was published during the year 1784 in September.
  • Philadelphia got the recognition of being the first zoological park in the year 1874.
  • Philadelphia is also referred to as the first presidential mansion.
  • Kennett Square has been crowned as the Mushroom Capital.
  • The Declaration of Independence was basically signed during the year 1776 in Philadelphia. It is also a home to the Liberty Bill.
  • Pennsylvania has been recognized as the only single place which has not been ordered by Atlantic Ocean.
  • Philadelphia had once been the capital city of the US.
  • City of North east that has been located at the Grape Coast of Pennsylvania is known to have 4 flourishing wineries and is basically a home to one of the largest Welch's grape processing plant of the country.

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Pennsylvania Facts




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