History Of Early Rhode Island  

Rhode Island may have achieved a new form as one of the states of United States of America in the late eighteenth century but the history of Rhode Island dates many more years in that. Some of the first settlers of the state could have come to the state more than 8,000 years ago. At that time the United States of America was not in existence.

These people, who settled in the state, were called the Paleo Indians. They migrated from Asia to North America thorough a land bridge and they were actually nomadic hunters. After some years, the climate of Rhode Island became very warm, and suitable for many settlers. Even before the European settlers arrived the Native Americans had discovered the place and settled here too.

However, once the Europeans arrived they took over the place and eventually it became a British colony. Even though it was one of the last to be colonized by the Americans and to be called a state Rhode Island had its own distinctive identity. There are several prehistoric and historic places to visit in Rhode Island that speak of its heritage even today. The early English settlers found Rhode Island to be extremely attractive, and had every wish to take it over from the native Indians. However, they found it very difficult because of the several native Indians settled in various parts of the stretch. At that time Rhode Island was not even a state. Eventually neither the British won nor the native Indians, and it became a really small state of riches and wealth in the United States.

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History Of Early Rhode Island




Interesting-Facts-About-Rhode-Island      Rhode Island is one of the smallest states of the US. However, do not be mistaken by its size. It is steeped in history and culture. Here are some interesting facts about Rhode Island that you may not have known previously. More..




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