Rhode Island Beaches  

Rhode Island, despite of its small size, has an extensive shore line. The interesting thing about the state is that it just measures only 33 miles in breadth from coast to coast. However, the state is lined by beaches on both sides, and most of the roads of the state are by the coast line.

Just driving through Rhode Island is a beautiful experience. Every single province of Rhode Island is by the coast and where ever you go, you are bound to find a beach. The weather of Rhode Island is ideal throughout the year, and that is why it makes itself one of the best spots to holiday in the entire country. Rhode Island is also home to several rich and famous.

The Atlantic Beach Park has several activities for adults and children and they can always mix their holiday with beach fun and amusement. Blue Shutters Town Beach is a beach resort that is located on the beach front and most of the accommodation is along the shoreline giving awe-inspiring view of the ocean.

The Briar Point Beach is like a natural cove and is small stretch of beach for high lass holidaying.

Burlingame State Park is a wildlife conservatory and also is by the coast lines several birds come here during summers. Camping, hiking, bike trails are some of the favorite activities in the park.

Newport is a French Riviera-kind of place and the entire city faces the beach front. The marina and the harbor are some of the favorite places for the tourists.

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Rhode Island Beaches




Rhode-Island-Facts      There are several facts and trivia about Rhode Island that are very interesting. It is a very small state, but it is entirely tourist oriented because of its extensive coastline. Rhode Island is not located in New York as most people think. It is just an extension with a very tiny border of it touching the state of New York. More..




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