Rhode Island Facts  

There are several facts and trivia about Rhode Island that are very interesting. It is a very small state, but it is entirely tourist oriented because of its extensive coastline. Rhode Island is not located in New York as most people think. It is just an extension with a very tiny border of it touching the state of New York.

Providence and Newport are two of the main cities of Rhode Island. Providence is featured in several songs sung by Alanis Morissette, for example, and also many more bands including the Eagles.
The state motto of Rhode Island is Hope.

Rhode Island is so small that if the entire country of the US were to be divided to the size of Rhode Island, then there would be nearly three thousand seven hundred and eighty four states. Despite the size of the state, it is the second most populated state of the country. More than 75 percent of people of the state live in or on the outskirts of Providence. The Benefit Street of Providence is called the Mile of History because it has the single largest collection of historic sites on that street alone in the entire country.

The most number of shipwrecks to be found in the country are on the shoreline of Rhode Island. Most of them are centuries old and are today called historic sites.

Rhode Island has only one kind of tax and that is income tax. That is why several people love to live here.

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Rhode Island Facts




Things-To-Do-In-Providence-Rhode-Island      Providence is one of the most beautiful provinces of Rhode Island State. In Rhode Island every single province is located by the beach. Providence is also one of the oldest provinces of the state and some of the first settlements were here. Providence is known for several things like educational institutes, institutes of art and history, universities and colleges. More..




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