Things To Do In Providence Rhode Island  

Providence is one of the most beautiful provinces of Rhode Island State. In Rhode Island every single province is located by the beach. Providence is also one of the oldest provinces of the state and some of the first settlements were here. Providence is known for several things like educational institutes, institutes of art and history, universities and colleges.

That is why Providence comes across as a populated city of the state. Nearly 75% of the population of Rhode Island lives here. The culture of Providence is very young and vibrant. You will always find people on the streets and there is always something going on. Tourists spend most of their time on the streets watching the various activities. In several ways it can be compared to Paris. Providence is also one of the most romantic places and the shore line is exquisite.

The property prices are very high in this city because of the high population and also the most gorgeous locations.

The city is the largest manufacturer of silver ware which happens to be the main business of the state. Tourists can buy some really good home needs and silver jewelry in the city. Most of them are handmade.

There are several places of interests for the tourists like the Water place Park which is an amusement park and is located by the beach. The River Walks are a boardwalk actually and also serve as a marina. Federal Hill has a high population of Italians, and some of the best up scale restaurants are located here.

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Things To Do In Providence Rhode Island




Who-Founded-Rhode-Island      Rhode Island was one of the most visited States by tourists well before even the United States was formed. Some of the first people to travel and live here were the Native Indians. It was a traveler from Florentine who discovered this island and gave its name as Rhode Island because he compared it to the Rhodes of the Mediterranean. So, he was the man to give its name. More..




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