Who Founded Rhode Island ?  

Rhode Island was one of the most visited States by tourists well before even the United States was formed. Some of the first people to travel and live here were the Native Indians. It was a traveler from Florentine who discovered this island and gave its name as Rhode Island because he compared it to the Rhodes of the Mediterranean. So, he was the man to give its name.

However, to be founded as a state in the United States, Rhode Island had to go through its own struggle. Roger Williams, an Englishman, was banished from England because he believed that the church and the state should be two different entities, and he fled to Narragansett Bay of Rhode Island and lived with the Native Indians. It was through his efforts that Providence was founded in 1636.

Anne Hutchinson was another person who was banished from England for speaking against the church and she came to Rhode Island and founded Portsmouth. These were the two important entry points to the state and soon others started forming smaller provinces.

However, when United States was forming its federation, all these provinces had to be united and represented under one single name. In 1856, Rhode Island was officially declared as a state with the list of provinces under it. Even today, the state only has provinces and there are no counties. By forming a state it also guaranteed the freedom of all the residents in the state including the Native Indians. Today, Rhode Island has a mixed population of Native Indians, Spanish, Dutch, Italians, British and the French.

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Who Founded Rhode Island




Activities-In-Newport-Rhode-Island      Rhode Island is a state that is located on the coastline and it is a small extended stretch of the United States actually. Newport on Rhode Island is the most popular city and has earned the name of being the picture perfect post card city. For example, you can stand on one end of the harbor and take a perfect picture of the city’s downtown and its beautiful facade against the coastline and all of it would fit into one picture. That is how perfect pictures are made perhaps. More..




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