How Did South Dakota Become A State ?  

Several territories claimed the land of South Dakota during the Louisiana Purchase in the year 1803 and statehood in the year 1889. The piece of land that did not became the part of Louisiana territory in the year 1812, was named as Missouri Territory. This piece of land later became the state of Missouri in year 1821 and the remaining territory went under the Iowa territory in the year 1838.

When Iowa, in the year 1846, became a state the remaining portion was declared as Minnesota province in 1849. Then in the year 1855, the territory called Minnesota was declared as a state. Two new territories were founded in the year 1854 by the name of Nebraska and Kansas.

The Dakota Territory was founded by James Buchanan in the year 1861, which was then abbreviated in the year 1864, because a new territory was created, the Montana territory and again the same happened in 1868 when the territory of Wyoming was formed. Finally, two new states were founded in the year 1889 with changes in the initials of the same name known as the South and North Dakota. The date of this event in history is recorded as the 2nd November 1889 when these two states were born with Washington on 11th November and Montana on 8th November. The famous president of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt in year 1939 introduced a stamp designed and sketched by him known as the “Clothesline” stamp. An artist from South Dakota, Marian Henjum, designed a stamp in 1989.

John Charles Fremont from South Dakota started his career in 1836 with his first job as a mathematician instructor. Later he was commissioned in the United States Topographical Corps as lieutenant. As a lieutenant, his job was to aid J.N. Nicollet in investigating the Dakota and Minnesota territories. Fremont discovered the lakes, Rocky Mountains and Trail of Oregon in 1842 and was disappointed when he lost the presidential elections in the year 1856.   

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How Did South Dakota Become A State ?




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How Did South Dakota Become A State ? )
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