How Did Tennessee Get Its Name ?  

It is rather interesting to find out how the state of Tennessee got its name. Of course, you will have go back in time and understand a few things, but it is interesting nonetheless, especially if you are a history buff. So, without much ado, let us fine out how did Tennessee get its name.

A long time ago, Tennessee belonged to the Cherokee Indians. It is believed that the Indians named their capital Tenassee, which no doubt is a Native American word. When the War of Independence broke out in this region, Tenassee was at the forefront. It is all probability that the name of the state came from this Cherokee word for the region.

Today, Tennessee is the seventeenth largest state in the US when it comes to population, and it is the thirty-sixth largest state in terms of land area. Nashville is the capital of the state. However, the capital is the second largest city of the state, with the largest being the city of Memphis.

The formation of the state goes all the way back to the Watauga Association, which was a pact signed in the year 1772. The regions that form the modern-day state were all parts of North Carolina initially and later on they became a part of the Southwest Territory.

The state became a part of the Union on 1 June 1796. It was the sixteenth state to enter the Union. In the early parts of the nineteenth century, Tennessee was known for its political figures, like Andrew Jackson, Davy Crockett and also Sam Houston. Also, it must be pointed out that Tennessee left the Union and went on to join the Confederates when the Civil War broke out in the year 1861. And, when the war ended, it was the first state to get admitted back into the Union.

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How Did Tennessee Get Its Name




Largest-Cities-In-Tennessee      Tennessee is a state of the US, and it is situated in the southeast part of the nation. Of course, just like any other state, Tennessee too has its share of cities as well as towns. However, some of the cities are large with a strong population. The largest city in the state is Memphis. But, it is Nashville that gets the credit of being the largest metropolitan area. In fact, Nashville is the second largest city of Tennessee, and it is also the capital. More..




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