Weather In Tennessee  

The weather in Tennessee can be called sub-tropical and humid. However, the mountains of Appalachians have a different climate, namely temperate or continental climate that is humid. Nonetheless, the mountains are cool with lower temperature than the lowlands.

The weather of the state is greatly influenced by the Gulf of Mexico and the winds coming in from the south influence the rainfall that Tennessee gets every year. The summers in Tennessee are hot, while the winters are cool and mild. However, it rains right through the year and it can rain quite a bit.

During summer, the average temperature is around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, while in winters the temperatures dip to near freezing is majority of the places in the state. However, in the mountains, the temperature during winters can be freezing cold.

Since Tennessee is not close to the coastline, it generally does not bear the brunt of hurricanes hitting the coast. However, it is affected by tropical cyclones that make landfall at times. These cyclones can bring a lot of rain to the region, just like what happened during 1982 when tropical storm Chris hit the state. Each year, Tennessee gets around fifty days of thunder storms on an average, and some of these storms can be pretty bad. In addition, the state is affected by tornadoes, and some of them are known wreak havoc. Tennessee sees an average of fifteen tornadoes each year. In winters, storms are quite common, and this can cause life and traffic to come to a standstill. Even fog is a big problem during the winter months, especially over most parts of the Smoky Mountains.

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Weather In Tennessee




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