Facts About Texas  

Texas is an important state in the US, and one of the most populous too. The top three most populated cities lie in the state of Texas. They are namely Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. The total population of Texas comes to over 24 million, whereas the total population of cattle alone is nearly 16 million. However, most of the land is used for agricultural and industrial use. It is quite dry and humid state.

People who are from this state reside within two hundred miles and comprises of 70 percent of Austin. There are nearly 3.4 million people residing in Southeast Texas. The least populated place is Loving County with just 67 residents. Texas in all consists of 215 cities, and the population of each city is 10,000 or above.

The other area, Dallas-Fort Worth consists of nearly 6,145,037 citizens which is much more than the total number of people residing in the other 31 states. The total areas of Texas are approximately 267339 sq miles which covers 7.4 percent of America’s total area. The other place El Paso is closer to California than Dallas. The area surrounding King Ranch near Corpus Christi includes nearly 50,000 cattle and 2,000 sq miles of fencing area. There are 23,292 farms stretching over 1,000 acres of land which can also be put as 80 percent of total land area is used for cattle grazing and agricultural purposes.

There are 90 mountains in all with Guadalupe Peak being the tallest peak in Texas. The other 10 percent is covered with forest including four as well as five national and state forests respectively. The total amount of rainfall that West Texas receives nearly 8 inches while East Texas receives 56 inches that to under extreme conditions. Amarillo experiences 36.7 degree during the month of January and Brownsville experiences an average temperature of 61.4 degree.

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Facts About Texas




Famous-People-In-Texas      Texas has been the home of several famous personalities. Situated in south-central U.S., Texas is the largest US state in area and the second largest in population. It is best known worldwide for its rich culture and heritage, scenic landscape, dude-ranches, and cowboys. More..




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