Facts On South America  

Not many people know too much about South America. Although it is connected to North America, most people identify South America with only Mexico. So, here are some facts on South America to help understand the continent better.

Facts on South America:

  • South America stretches across 6.9 million square miles.
  • It is the fourth-largest continent in the world and accounts for 3.5 percent of land area.
  • The magnificent Andes Mountain runs along the western coast of South America.
  • The largest country on the continent is Brazil, while the richest country in South America is Argentina.
  • The Amazon Rain Forests are situated in South America. The forest is known to responsible for nearly all the rainfall the world gets.
  • Many scientists love to explore the Amazon basin because it is supposed to have many undiscovered medicinal plants. However, most of the basin is unexplored till date.
  • South America is teeming with natural resources, with Venezuela being famous for its oil reserves.
  • The Amazon River is the second biggest river in the world after the Nile. The river starts in the Andes and runs through most of the continent. The Amazon River is known to bring soil and minerals from the Andes and deposit it in the center of the continent, making the surrounding land extremely fertile and conducive to agriculture.
  • South America is also home to the extinct civilization of Incas, who reign for just 100 years. The reign coincided with Spain and Portugal coming to explore the mysterious unknown land and they later started ruling the continent.

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Facts On South America




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