Puma Of South America  

The puma is spread across a large area in the world, more than any other wild cat. The reason for this is very simple. The puma has managed to adapt itself to the numerous habits it lives in.

You can find puma in just about any geographical area, ranging from mountains to forests to prairies to swamps.

The puma of South America is found in the rain forests of the Amazon basin as well as in the prairies of Venezuela. You will not find pumas in open areas or places inhabited by people because they prefer to stay in habitats that can give them cover and hiding place.

The puma of South America is known by many names including cougar, mountain lion and panther. They size and color depends on the habitat they are living in. For instance, pumas living in higher reaches have long coats to protect them from the cold. The coat color ranges from slate gray to buff yellow to reddish brown. The puma is indeed a magnificent animal and quite impressive. It has a distinctive small head with small rounded ears. The hind legs are long and the tail has a black tip.

The pumas are not known to roam in packs and they hunt alone during the day as well as night. If the kill is large, the puma hides it in a thick bush and keeps returning to eat for a few days. The puma of South Africa is known to attack domestic animals like cattle and horses besides sheep, rabbits, beaver, hare, and wild deer.

The puma of South America is the largest in size towards the southern part of the continent and the smallest near the equator.

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Puma Of South America




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