South American Aztec Inventions  

The ancient civilization of Aztec was present in South America centuries ago. The South American Aztec have been credited with inventions but it depends on what you call inventions.

The South American Aztec inventions were things that were introduced to the world but these things were not necessarily new. Most of the things that the Aztec introduced to the world were things they were had been seeing for hundreds of years.

When the Spanish came to South America, the Aztecs were instrumental in introducing onions and horses to them and from here these items were introduced to the rest of Europe. One of the main South American Aztec inventions was education for everyone and this was mandatory. Other civilizations had education just for the elite. However, the Aztecs provided education for everyone irrespective of gender, rank and position in society.

The South American Aztecs were known to practice medicine, which was quite advanced for its time. The Aztecs used an antispasmodic medicine that would relax the muscles. The medicine was derived from Passion Flower and is still used today for a variety of ailments as herbal treatment.

The Aztecs have also been credited for introducing popcorn to the world. Although popcorn was invented by them, they are credited for popularizing it in the rest of the world. The Spanish were the first to see that the corn was roasted and it burst into a flower which ultimately earned the name popcorn. The other invention that the Aztec get credit for introducing spicy hot chocolate to the world which was made with cacao beans, water, corn flour and chilies.

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South American Aztec Inventions




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