Famous Food Of Argentina  

The land of Argentina is also known for its delicate food preparations. The specialty of the food of Argentina lies in the fact that it is a fine mix with the taste of South America.

It is greatly influenced by Spanish, Italian, and French delicacies.  A very interesting fact about Argentinean food says that it has the largest variety. It contains the largest number of delicate dishes that are popular all over the world. The country is the largest produce of meat. It contains all the varieties of meat but beef covers the largest portion of all. It also plays a vital role in the food habit of the people of Argentina.

Soybeans and Pizzas are also very popular dishes of the Argentineans. Soybean is a very healthy food product. It has large deposit of proteins and vitamins. Pizza is made with special kind of dough prepared with fine wheat flour. These two food items are inseparable part of the diet of people of Argentina.

The Argentineans are lovers of red meat and specially, grilled meat. It is used as a staple food of the country. They prefer to take these dishes with blood sausage and sweetbread. They serve these delicate dishes with many red chilies. However, with the globalization of the food practices, the country has developed some new food habits that include salads and vegetables. They also take tomatoes, onions, squashes, and lettuce.

Other food habits of the people of Argentina include:

  • Alfajores is a popular tea pastry in Argentina.
  • Sandwiches de miga are very delicate sandwiches made with fresh butter and bread. They are served delicately with sliced cured meat and lettuce. They take this preparation in the evening.
  • Mate is a special kind of drink that the people of Argentina prefer very much. It is prepared with natural ingredients like gourd, and twigs of yerba mate plant. They enjoy this drink with the help of a metal or cane straw. 

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Famous Food Of Argentina




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