Italian Influence In Argentina  

Italy is one of the countries that have a very deep impact upon the country of Argentina. As far as the history is concerned, it tells that about a big portion of the Argentinean population consists of the Italians.

It covers around 20 to25 millions of people. As per and estimate, about 70 per cent of the Argentineans are of Italian descent. Therefore, it is quite evident and expected that the Italian culture must have mingled with that of the Argentineans.

It is important to note that the language of Italy is spoken by a big part of the population of the country. About 1,500,000 people in Argentina speak Italian language. The accent of the majority of the Natives of Argentina is also very similar to the Italians. It is a big impact that can be felt there in Argentina.

The impression of these words is also experienced on the Argentinean masses. These words came to Argentina from different place of Italy and Spain, and Portugal. These words also affect the vernacular of the Argentinean language. These words are greatly used in the lyrics of the popular songs of Argentina.

Apart from the language, the dress and the food habits are also greatly influenced by the Italian culture. The famous staple food of the people of Argentina-Pizza is a favorite food of the Italians. It is made with a special kind of whet dough.

Actually, the Italians have contributed greatly in the formation of Argentinean culture and tradition; therefore, its effect can also be experienced very naturally.

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Italian Influence In Argentina




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