Bolivia Landmarks  

Bolivia- a landlocked country located in Southern America; officially Plurinational State of Bolivia houses the Cristo de la Concordia (Christ of Peace) sculpture in Cochabamba, the largest statue of Christ in the world.

The height of this landmark is 33m (108 ft) since Christ was 33 years old when he died. Copacabana enchases on largest Cathedral, with 400-year silver and gold-encased Virgin of Copacabana, reputed to have healing power. Icon of Bolivian National identity, The Gateway of the Sun is a famous piece of pre-Columbian architecture the Andes. The capital city of Bolivia, Sucre has many historical buildings such as the Casa de la Libertand, displaying political history. In addition, the Museo de la Recoleta, historically used as a barracks, prison and a convent is now home to a huge art collection.

In south-west Bolivia, Potosí, is the highest city in the world declared a "cultural asset of humankind", by UNESCO. Also located here is Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt desert which can be viewed as Earth’s brightest spot from space. But the real eye candy for tourist is the ruins of Tiwanaku, surrounded by mountain ranges on three sides and the fourth by shores of Lake Titicaca, highest navigable lake in the world. This landscape is viewed as an empty ceremonial centre and is visited to attend Solstice ceremony on June 21 every year to view sun’s movement as it reverses the direction.

And good news for golf lover, Mallasilla's Golf Course (3,300 m), world’s highest is located in La Paz, Bolivian.

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Bolivia Landmarks




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