Christmas In Bolivia  

Bolivia- a Roman Catholic country celebrates Christmas (Navidad) little differently than rest of South America. It is not so commercial and celebrated purely for the birth of the Savior.

Decorating exterior of one's house with Christmas tree is not customary here.  But Bolivian residents set up a “pesebre” (nativity scene, stable) in their homes and outside the main door of churches. Pesebre consist of animals, shepherds, angels, a manger and baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the Three Kings (Wisemen) placed atop a bed of moss or straw or inside a stable. People from the town also bring a miniature version of their trade or specialty as a gift to baby Jesus like a miniature pair of shoes, dress or loaf of bread.
At the midnight of warm Christmas Eve (Víspera de Navidad), Bolivian attend the “Misa del Gallo (Mass of the Rooster)” a Catholic mass in the church followed by a dinner called Picana, a soup with chicken, beef, corn species and wine.

Special candies ‘Turrones’ and puff pastry ‘Buñuelos’ made marks the presence of Christmas in every Bolivian household. Bolivia, children receive gifts on January 6th, Día de los Reyes (Day of Wisemen) from Baby Jesus to whom they write a letter. ‘Baby Jesus’ is taken from their nativity scene to mass on the same day and at midnight the whole city is illuminated with fire crackers.

‘Canastón’, large gift basket is given by employers to their employees one day prior to taking their Christmas vacation along with an annual bonus and raise. One more reason to celebrate Christmas at Bolivia.

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Christmas In Bolivia




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