Famous People From Bolivia  

Bolivia has been made by the contributions of several people who have made their inputs in various ages and spheres of life. Here is a list a few of them :

Independence fighter:

  1. Simon Bolivar who fought for independence from Spain in 1825 and whose name Bolivia is named after

Bolivian Dictators:

  1. Andrés de Santa Cruz , the "Napoleon of the Andes," who dominated early years of  independent nation
  2. Ismael Móntes (1861–1933), “greatest president of Bolivia”
  3. Víctor Paz Estenssoro,  national revolutionary of 1952 and founder of the MNR, also served as President
  4.  Juan Lechín Oquendo, a leader who led Bolivian Workers' Federation from its formation in 1952 until 1987

Literary figure: 

  1. Gabriel René-Moreno, a historian, sociologist, and literary critic
  2. Franz Tamayo, a poet and philosopher
  3. Alcides Argüedas famous for his historical works on Bolivia and his novels Wata wara and Raza de bronce, concerned with the plight of the Indian
  4. Jaime Escalante,most famous educators awarded with the United States Presidential Medal and the Andres Bello award by the Organization of American States

Other famous Bolivian writers are Alcides Arguedas, Alfonso Gumucio Dagron, Laserna, Oscar Ichazo, Agustín Saavedra Weise, Jaime Sáenz, José Ignacio de Sanjinés, Pedro Shimose, Franz Tamayo, Francis Schwitzgebel Torres and Adela Zamudio.

  1. Jaime Laredo , a world-famous violinist
  2. Luzmila Carpio, a representative of the soul of Bolivian people
  3. Matilde Casazola Mendoza, a Bolivian songwriter and a famous poets
  4. Javier del Granado, a poet laureate

Other fields:

  • Bernardo Guarachi,  first Bolivian and Native South American Indian to reach Mount Everest on May 25th 1998
  • Marina Núñez del Prado, most widely acclaimed sculptors.

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Famous People From Bolivia




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