Food Of Bolivia  

Bolivia is a country in South America and the main meal of the people of the country is their lunch. The lunch comprises of a main dish and soup.

The main staple diet includes potato and this is served with noodles or rice for most of the meals. The food here is not spicy but people have a sauce made with hot chilies and tomato and this sauce called, la llajwa. Humitas is one of the most popular dishes of Bolivia. This is a dish which has corn leaves which is stuffed with cheese and fresh corn and is then shot drink steamed. Another famous dish is Saltenas which is mostly eaten in the mornings. This is basically a pastry which has a combination of meat or chicken, green vegetables and a sauce and is then baked in an oven. Another delicious dish is Empanadas which is a patty with cheese along with olives, onion and locoto.

A delicious sandwich with locoto, lettuce and roasted pork leg is the Sandwich de Chola. Many people like to eat Lechon which is a roasted suckling pig. Some famous drinks of Bolivia are Chicha which is the sacred drink of the Incas. Another soft drink which has peanuts is Chicha de mani and is popular. There is a drink made from white mashed corn and is served hot is Tojori.

The people in Bolivia eat a lot of pork as we can see from the popular dishes but beef and chicken are also very popular.

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Food Of Bolivia




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