Holidays Of Bolivia  

The holidays in Bolivia are a very integral part of the life here. The country has many shrines and a large part of the population is the descendant of the Inca.

A major part of the population of Bolivia live in a very traditional manner so there are many festivals and ceremonies and festivals happening here throughout the year.  In Bolivia all year round there are many festivals that take place. A very interesting festival that happens here is Achocalla which is celebrated in a great way in the smaller towns of the country like Cochabamba and Sucre. This is a festival of the traditional music and the heritage which is displayed during the holidays of Bolivia.

Another festival which cannot be missed here is the carnival that happens in February. It is full of vibrant colors and a true representation of the culture of the country. A week in April of Semana Santa is very sacred. Another carnival with religious colors is a festival which is called el Grand Poder. This festival is dedicated to Jesus who is called Senor el Gran Poder which means Mister Great Power.

There are three festivals in the month of June San Antonio, Santisima Trinidad and Corpus Christie. There is a lot of celebration on these three catholic holidays and one does not feel that they are somewhere in South America. The holiday of Inti Raymi is a ritual which originated thousands of years ago and was brought back to life few years ago.  

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Holidays Of Bolivia




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