Topography Of Bolivia  

Bolivia, 28 largest country of the world comes in the South America continent. Bolivia stands uniquely with its vast geographical variety and culture among the array of countries. This landlocked country has the highest average altitude.

This geographically unique feature of this country includes the altiplano, a highland plateau of Andes and Lake Titicaca. Bolivia is surrounded by five countries, it share its borderline with Brazil, Peru Chile, Argentina and Paraguay

One can divide Bolivia in three topographical and climatic regions. It completely comes under tropical latitude.  Its climatic condition varies widely from tropical in the lowland to polar in the highest part of Andes. Area falling in to southern hemisphere comes under rain zone and the heavy rain occurs during summer season. The summer seasons are here, hot and wet while winter seasons are dry and cold. Bolivia is rich in its vegetation and natural resource due to its climatic condition. It has the reservoir of tin, natural gas, petroleum, zinc, tungsten, antimony, silver, iron, lead, gold, timber and hydropower. 

One of the unique geographical features of Bolivia is its Lake Titicaca. Situated at 12,500 ft above from sea level, it is famous as one of the highest commercially navigable lake in the world. It is South America’s largest lake. The lake plays very critical role in climatic condition of the land, making it suitable for the crops of maize and wheat.

Bolivia is country with tremendous possibilities, it has rich archeological and architectural heritage. The climatic condition of Bolivia has made it rich in flora and fauna. It is rich in biodiversity and it attracts people from all around the world.

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Topography Of Bolivia




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