What Is Bolivia Known For ?  

Bolivia is located in the central part of South America. The country is one of the most under developed economies in this part of South America but is popular for many things.

One part of the country which is very famous is Tiwanku which is well known for its ruins. The other famous part is the Titikaka Lake which is the highest in the world. The country is amazing with jungle on one side and glaciers on the other. The Andes Mountains and other beautiful landscapes in the country make it a wonderful place to visit. The country has the largest capital in the world called La Paz. It looks beautiful. The largest salt flat in the world is Salar de Uyuni. It looks like the loneliest and desolated person in the world. It is vast stretches of salt but looks serene, peaceful and beautiful.

The juridical capital is Sucre which looks great with huge buildings. The Maddi National Park is a place which protects animal life and plants. Another national park here is the Ambro National Park and the Toro Toro national Park. The world famous green lake called Laguna Verde is also in this country. A beautiful museum called Casa Nacional de la Moneda has many facts about the history of the country. The country also has a little Eiffel Tower is Sucre.  A beautiful convent on the hill in Bolivia is La Recoleta.

The country has many beautiful sights and things to do. It is very famous for a number of things apart from the poverty and the economic conditions of the society and the people staying here.

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What Is Bolivia Known For




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