What Is The Population Of Bolivia ?  

Bolivia is a country in South America. The population of the country in 2008 was 9,247,816 and in 1989 was 7 million. The population is said to be increasing annually at the rate of approximately 2.6 percent. In 1950 it was about 3 million.

A large part of the population of the country is of indigenous Indian descent and about 15 percent is European. The Indians make up for a large part of the population of the country.

A major part of the population is poor in the country and is below the poverty line. The official language of the country is Spanish but still a large part of the total population speaks their native language. More than 95 percent of the people of the country are Catholics. Bolivia is one of the most underdeveloped countries of the South America. More than 60% of the population is farmers and they are extremely poor.

The density of the population varies with areas. In some it is one person per square kilometer whereas in others are ten per square kilometer. The life expectancy is about 67 for females and 64 for males in the country. The living conditions are not great in the country and reports show that around 230 babies die every day in Bolivia due to inadequate care. There is no health insurance of most of the population in the country. Forget insurance a large part of the population does not have an easy access to health care facilities here which shows that the country is really underdeveloped.

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What Is The Population Of Bolivia




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