Brazil Carnival Festival  

Whenever you hear the term Carnival festival, the picture of Brazil emerges in your mind. It is the picture of fun and frolic that the people of Brazil observe during this yearly festival. It is way of life for the Brazilians.

The whole country participates in it; however, the capital city of Rio de Janeiro remains in the centre of attraction. The celebration of carnival festival attracts people from all over the world.

The lavish and wonderful event of carnival festival is famous all over the world. The preparation of the festival starts and continues almost throughout the year. That is why they are able to present their spectacular show without the slightest of errors. The day of the final festival day witnesses thousands of dancers, singers, and drummers on the roads and streets of Brazil, especially Rio de Janeiro. They come out in extravagant parade and the whole country gets flooded with stunning festivity and spirit.

At present, the main festival is carried out by the escolas de samba (popularly known as Samba schools of Brazil). These dancers, singers, and drummers have their own tradition of representing their show. Initially these samba performers were not included in the main function in 1917, but after 1928, the whole responsibility remains on their shoulders. Their performance adds a high dimension in the while preparation. The onlookers also get carried away by the unmatched spirit and enthusiasm of the Carnival festival. Today, the carnival festival has become the identity of Brazil, where the people always wish to have a different attitude towards life.

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Brazil Carnival Festival




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Brazil Carnival Festival )
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