Brazil Education System  

The education system is the backbone of any country and its future. The government of any country spends a lot of time and energy in designing the education system. This education system defines the cultural inheritance and tradition of the country as well.

Brazil, an important component of South American nations, follows an education system to provide adequate education to the young minds of the country. However, the education system of Brazil is not of very high standards, still it provides useful education to the younger generation of the country. According to it, education is compulsory for the children between ages of 7 to 14 years. Schools are managed in both private and public sectors.

The present education system is looked after by two bodies- namely ENEN (Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio), or National Secondary Education Examination and SAEB (Sistema de Avaliação da Educação Básica), or Evaluation System for Basic Education.

The education system is divided into three levels: fundamental, intermediate, and higher education. These three grades of education system of Brazil are imparted in three levels of schools as well. The small schools provide the primary level education, whereas the high schools are founded to provide middle and high school level education. The universities are established to provide education in the higher level. These three levels are designed to provide the best education possible using the available resources in the country.

The government provides financial assistance to these schools, but the major portion of the incomes from the students through subscription. It can easily be accessed that the education system in Brazil is its very initial stage, but it is likely to improve very sharply in the time to come.   

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Brazil Education System




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