Brazil History  

Brazil an American Latin country has derived most of its culture and languages from Portugal. Pedro Cabral was the first Portuguese who reached Brazil in the year 1500, it starts a new chapter in the history of Brazil.

It came under the rule of Portugal and Portugal start its colonization in the year of 1532.   Native Indians inhabited most of the Brazilian land. The tribal people of Brazil live their life by dwelling and with limited agriculture. They were rich in their cultural heritage. Now fewer indigenous tribes survive and most of them are living in forest area.

After Cabral many Portuguese explorer visited the land in search of valuable goods. These goods were high in demand in European markets, and offer good trading opportunity of Portuguese people. Except for goods, untamed land was also a big factor that attracts the Portuguese. Brazil was not just a land for them, but it was more like a key that can help Portugal in tackling their poverty and misery that was prevalent in Portugal. One of the most valuable discoveries that were made by Portuguese in the land of Brazil was discovery of Brazil wood tree it was used to make red dye powder. Portuguese traveler were more interested in trading activities rather than in conquering and consolidating the land

Coffee is one of the most important products produced in Brazil and it has a deep connection with its history. In the 19th century, the production of coffee dominates the Brazil. In 1889, Brazil witnesses an important event; coffee planters with the support of military coupe grabbed the ruling power of Brazil.  The first democratic election in Brazil took place in the year 1989 but unfortunately, Fernando color de mello was not the right choice for the country, and he was removed from his post. The government of Brazil is working in a direction to make it a better place for its people and for the world.

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Brazil History




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