Brazil Popular Foods  

Brazilian food like Brazilian culture is warm and vivid in its taste and variety. It has a rich line of items suiting all taste.

You can easily see the Portuguese influence in its food. Portuguese introduced sugar, citrus fruits and many sweets to Brazil, that are popular till date and dominating its kitchen and dining habit.One of the most popular dishes of Brazil is feijoada it is one of the most popular dish. It is made of black bean stew with smoke meat. This delicious dish was created by the slaves of brazil, and now it is a national food of the brazil. It is a perfect item for parties and large crowd.

Planning barbecue in Brazil without picanha is almost impossible. It is best cut for barbecue. This grilled dish is served along with rock salt, to make it more delicious you can serve it with garlic paste also.

Another very popular food item of Brazil is bolinho de chuva. This traditional food item of Brazil is made of flour. Moreover, the best feature about this item is you can prepare it either sweet or salty. List of Brazilian food is incomplete without this popular food item.

You can find wide range of delicious seafood items in Brazil. Try vatapa with rich cashew peanut sauce or moqueca de peixe, stewed fish with coconut is a delight to your platter. Cururu de camarao is another very popular dish it is made with frozen shrimp and is perfect for quick night supper.

Brazilian “sweet tooth” is the influence of European. One of most popular dessert item of Brazil is the passion fruit mousse cake.  Another popular item is quindin made of little coconut flans.

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Brazil Popular Foods




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