Facts Of Brazil  

Brazil, South America’s leading economic power becomes an independent state in the year 1822, after remaining under the rule of Portuguese for the three centuries.

Military dominance in the government ends by the year1985, when military regime handed over its power to civilian ruler. However, unfortunately it was not the end of Brazil’s hard time. After getting freedom from military’s rule and regulation, it falls under the trap mello`s government, it was a period when whole brazil face height of corruption and cheating, but this phase also come to an end and now brazil is emerging as south Americas most powerful country and regional leader. It is continuously achieving industrial and agricultural growth. Unequal income distribution is one pf the most problematic feature of Brazil. 

It is South America’s largest country and shares its boundaries with Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, French guinea, Paraguay, Suriname, Guyana, Uruguay and Venezuela except with Chile and Ecuador.

The climatic condition of Brazil is mostly tropical, except in south where it is temperate. Drought and flood is most common natural hazard that hits the land now and then. Brazil has a rich source of bauxite, gold, iron ore, manganese, platinum, tin, uranium, petroleum, hydropower and timber.

The ethnic group of Brazil is very diverse in nature. Portuguese, polish, Spanish, Italian, and German are the main white ethnic group. Eighty percent of the Brazilian population follows Roman Catholic religion. The effect of Portuguese influence is prominent till date, Portuguese is the main language of the nation.

Brazil is a country of twenty-six states and one federal district. People choose the head of the state through election.

Brazil follows the civil law concept; its law is based on German-roman tradition.

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Facts Of Brazil




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