Lifestyles Culture In Brazil  

A wonderful amalgam of religion, ethnicity, and colourful heritages is what Brazil famous for. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, even though many indigenous dialects are also spoken.

A majority of the people in Brazil follow Catholicism but there are other religious faith existing. Many Brazilian citizens have mixture of several bloodlines. There are the Native Americans and Africans. This co-mingling among the Native Americans, Africans and Portuguese population resulted in a large mixed race ethnic group that is present today.
Because of diversity of cultures there are number of festivals celebrated in Brazil with religious or secular motive. Singing and dancing tend to dominate many of these events, especially the famous Carnival or Boi Bumbá festival. Lifestyle refers to the way of life or style of living reflecting the attitudes and values of an individual or a culture. The slaves brought from Africa carried along with them diverse types of food, music and religion which helped shape the lifestyle of many Brazilians today.

Family time in Brazil is almost sacred and many families dining together. Food in Brazil varies from region to region. The Northern interior has a heavy Indian influence while in the Northeast it is an African one. The main dish is also region based; in the Amazon fish is the staple.

 According to the last major census in the year 2000, the population of Brazil stood at 170 million people making it the world’s 5th most populated country.  Despite having a high number of people in Brazil, it is one of the least densely populated countries in the world.

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Lifestyles Culture In Brazil




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