Modern Brazil Music  

Brazil has an immense contribution to the world of music, the jazz, one of the popular music genres of the world, was born in Brazil.

Be it samba, Bossa nova or Frevo, numerous styles of music has found their existence in Brazil. Brazilian population has great love for the music from the early years. The tribal people used to play instruments like the drums, flute and various other native instruments in the rainforest regions of the country. The indigenous people of Brazil were introduced to the flutes and other percussion instruments by the Portuguese people. In order to influence Christianity among the Brazilian population, songs were introduced by the Jesuit missionaries, which had Christian lyrics. As the people from Portugal and Africa arrived, the music scene in Brazil adapted beautifully accordingly to a mixture of the many cultures.

The radio era which began in the year 1930 brought along many feminine artist who rocked the music scene over the years. The instruments used during this period were the tambourines, guitars, flying pans, flutes, piano and cuicas. The Carmen Miranda one of the popular actresses of the Hollywood film industry was an accomplished singer. Other pioneers of the Brazilian music include Nora Ney, Angela Maria. Some of the acclaimed songwriters of Brazil include Ary Barosso who wrote the song watercolor of Brazil and many others who have contributed to the Brazilian music.

Other genres of music heard in Brazil include reggae, hip hop and rock songs. The songs epitomize political and social messages. The Emo music which has a Brazilian feel to it has been loved by music lovers across the globe. The rock music is very popular in the modern day music scene.

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Modern Brazil Music




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