Traditional Dress For Brazil  

Brazil truly is a multi ethnic country includes people belonging to various races and religions.

The Brazilian culture majorly influenced by the Portuguese culture has majority of the population as Catholics; it has the largest catholic population in the world. Thinking of Brazil, glimpses of samba dance and carnivals preoccupy your mind. The Brazil, one of the favored and cheap tourist destinations of the world, is a colorful and vibrant country. There is as such no traditional clothing in Brazil and the kind of clothes preferred by Brazilians vary with different regions and influence that regions has, as it inherits its culture from various races and immigrants. The city of Rio de Janeiro is known for its beautiful and magnificent beaches and is influenced by the cultures of Portugal, Africa and England.

People in this city wear Bermudas, bikinis, shirts and sunglasses. This way clothing style varies from one region to another. The traditional clothing in the region of Bahia is Bordado Richelieu as this region is influenced by the African culture. The clothes wore in Brazil are comfortable, rich in colors and are sophisticated at the same time.

The true traditional clothing of the people of Brazil is simple cotton shirts and jeans mostly predominant along the country side. The cowboy clothes are popular and wore by the people in the south plain regions of Brazil. The baggy trousers and cowboys hats and boots comprise the cowboy apparel. The women in the region Bahia wear long skirts, head scarf’s and shawls. The modern day clothing includes the jeans and t-shirts. Due to it long coastline Brazil has some of the beautiful beaches, beach wears are very popular especially the Brazilian bikini bottom.

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Traditional Dress For Brazil




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