What Food Do You Eat In Brazil ?   

The food in Brazil comes in different flavors and tastes. As you go to different regions of Brazil you will find that each region has its own unique food specialty. This diversity in food results from different cultures of which Brazil is made of.

For instance, if you go towards the north then you will find many typical cuisines like Caruru (made with ladies fingers (okra) and onions, shrimp, peppers and oil), Maniçoba (made with maniva leaves, sausages, salted pork ribs, tripe and charqui), Tacacá (made with tucupi with Acmella oleracea and shrimp, chili pepper and garlic) and Pato no tucup, which also means duck in tucupi (made with tucupi and duck and eaten with white rice). If you are interested in travelling to south of Brazil then you will find a lot of dishes comprising of salt or sun dried meats. Churrasco (grilled meats) and Arroz Carreteiro (meat with rice) are also very popular in the south.

Food in Brazil is mainly influenced by Native, African and Portuguese cultures. When the Portuguese set foot in Brazil they brought along their foods and recipes with them. They introduced sugar, linguica, citrus fruits, sweets that can be used for holidays and desserts such as rice pudding, ambrosia (made with milk, yolk, lemon juice, sugar and cloves) and corn. Dende oil, okra and peppercorns are some of the items that were brought by the African people.

Feijoada is the considered to be the national dish. It is made from black beans and pieces of pork and is often served with white rice and orange salads.

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What Food Do You Eat In Brazil




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