What Language Is Spoken In Brazil ?  

Brazil inherits majority of its culture and traditions from the Portuguese culture. Brazil was one of the colonies of the Portuguese from the year 1500. It was the location of the Portuguese government.

The Portuguese brought along with themselves the language Portuguese which became the official language of the country. The majority of the population speaks Portuguese. It is of the one of the major and solid factors for the country’s national unity and gives a unique identity to the country unlike its Spanish speaking neighbors. The language is used for most of the communication purposes be it television, newspapers, administration.

Portuguese is spoken by almost hundred percent of the Brazilian population. Besides the Portuguese language the Nheengatu which is the native language of the South America is used by some Brazilian population. Native people use some of the minority languages which are predominant in remote areas. Though the Portuguese travelers brought the language Portuguese language to the country, the Portuguese spoken in Portugal is different from the Portuguese spoken in Brazil. This is because it originates from multiple sources besides Portuguese and has influences of the Amerindian and African languages. It is similar to the difference in the English versions of United Kingdom and United States of America.

English is second most used language in the country but people of Brazil are believed to have poor fluency of the English language. Spanish is one of the growing languages in the country due to the Spanish speaking neighbors and trade agreement amongst the countries. There are also German and Italian speaking populations in the country but is rare.

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What Language Is Spoken In Brazil




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