Chile Majestic Travel Guide  

Chile is the thinnest country in the world when you take into accounts the length and the width of the country.

The country is long, and as a result it has different climatic conditions in the north and south. The deserts are located in the northern part of the country, while the south is close to the South Pole.The country is very popular among tourists as they come to take in the natural beauty and the local culture. That is why reading a travel guide on Chile will give you the information you are looking for. The travel guide will tell you which are the places of tourist interests, and why you should visit some places.

It is believed that some parts of the Atacama Desert have not witnessed rain since 1870, while other parts are flourishing with plants and flowers even though they are desert areas. You should not miss San Pedro de Atacama, which is a small picture-postcard town just out of Calama. This is the perfect town if you want to take in the natural beauty of the surroundings, visit Valley of Moon and the Tatio geysers. In Calama, there is an open pit copper mine, which is the largest in the world. There are special tours to visit the mine and find out interesting facts about the copper mining history of Chile.

Very close to the Peru border is the coastal city of Arica. This city boasts of beaches that are located in the coastal desert. In addition, Arica also is the home to Parque Nacional Lauca. You can also visit Lago Chungara, which is close to the borders of Bolivia. Here you can get lost in the beauty of lakes and snowcapped mountain peaks.

Close to Arica are the mysterious Nazca lines. You should see these lines from a plane or helicopter. They are immense lines presumed to be made during the pre-Columbian civilization by the Nazca Indians, who used to inhabit this area. However, the Nazca lines are located in Tacna, Peru. There are airplanes in the city which can be hired to view these mysterious lines.

If you want more of the city life, then Santiago is the city for you. It boasts of having the best cultural and nightlife in the country. In addition, you can taste some of the fantastic Chilean cuisine is the numerous restaurants located all over the city. From Santiago, it is easy to visit Valparaiso if you want to go hiking or visiting the Andes.

Those who want to see wildlife, birds, seals, sea lions, whales and glaciers should make it a point to visit the Artic South or Patagonia Chilena. If you go still south, you will reach Punta Arenas. This is the southernmost part of Chile and can be accessed by air. Here you can see colonies of penguins inhabiting an island on the Straits of Magellan.

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Chile Majestic Travel Guide




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