Chile Major Cities  

Chile is quite an attraction for people who visit South America. Some of the major cities in Chile are Santiago, Concepcion, Valparaiso, and Vina del Mar.

Each of these cities has numerous sights and attractions to offer.Santiago is the capital of Chile. It is also the largest city in the country. The city is located in the central valley at a height of 520 meters above sea level. The strangest part is that though the city is the capital, the legislative bodies of the country actually meet in Valparaiso and not Santiago. However, the city is the economic hub of the country. It is also home to many museums, theaters, restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues. Most people make Santiago their base as it is located in the center of the country, and then go to other places from here.

Concepcion is the second largest city in the country. It is located in the coastal region of Biobio. The city was founded way back in 1550 by Pedro de Valdivia, and at that time it was called Concepcion del Nuevo Extremo. The city is home to a beautiful university, Hualpen Museum, the old coal mining town of Lota, and the Huascar, which is a Peruvian naval ship that was captured by the Chileans in the 1800s. The ship is considered to be the oldest floating historical relic in the world.

Valparaiso is the port city of Chile. It is dotted with numerous hills and vividly painted homes that seem to rise from the bay itself. The buildings in the city are extremely old, and many hills in the areas have large stairs or 100-year old elevators to take you to the summit. The city is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Valparaiso has a hectic nightlife that is worth experiencing along with its hilly streets and unique ambiance. The city also holds an annual carnival in the last week of the year that is worth experiencing. The carnival ends with a huge firework display that takes place in the New Year.

Vina del Mar is located in central Chile and is a beach resort. There are many places to see here. For instance the garden of La Quinta Vergara, the Plaza del Reloj where the numbers of the clock are made from flowers, the numerous beaches, and the open air naval artillery museum. The city also holds a famous music festival each year in the middle of February.

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Chile Major Cities




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