Chile Top Rated Restaurants Travel Guide  

If you are looking for top rated restaurants in Chile, you will find them mostly in the capital city of Santiago.

The city has restaurants serving a variety of cuisine, right from authentic Chilean food to French food. The places where the top rated restaurants are located are Barrio Bellavista, Barrio Santa Lucia, Providencia and Las Condes.The Barrio Bellavista is the place where you can find casual as well as fine dining establishments. There are some great restaurants that offer delicious Chilean food as well as seafood. One such restaurant is the Azul Profundo. It is famous for its wine rack that encompasses a large area from the floor to the ceiling. The restaurant serves delicious seafood and is extremely inviting and full of life.

In the same area is the El Camino Real, which offers a true fine dining experience with traditional Chilean food. The restaurant is located on top of the Cerro San Cristobal in Parque Metropolitano. From the windows, you can get a beautiful view of Santiago.

In Santa Lucia, most of the restaurants are located around the Plaza Mulato Gil de Castro. If you want to eat delicious breads and pastries, visit the Emporio La Rosa. If you are looking for great food at reasonable prices, then go to Don Victorino.

In Provedencia, you will be able to find restaurants that serve vegetarian food as well as delicious seafood. If you are looking for large servings of vegetarian food and seafood, then you should head to Café del Patio. If you want to try out Chilean food, then visit Sheraton Hotel's El Cid that holds a daily lunch buffet. Do not forget to try the grilled seafood entrees at the El Cid. They are just out of this world!

If you want to eat breakfast at 6 p.m., then visit Café Melba at Las Condes. Seafood lovers should go to Coco Loco where you will be taken in by the beautiful murals of waves.

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Chile Top Rated Restaurants Travel Guide




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