Famous People From Chile  

Although many people from outside Chile may not know it, but the country has its fair share of famous people.

Another famous Chilean is Lautara, the Indian leader. Lautaro was a stable boy working for Valdivia. He then went on to lead his people to win against the Spanish. Lautaro's exploits have been immortalized through the epic poem of La Araucana written by Alonso de Ercilla y Zuniga, who was a Spanish soldier.

Another Chilean, who is famous, is Bernardo O'Higgins. He was one of the leaders who found for Chile's independence. O'Higgins was the son of an Irish soldier of fortune, who went on to become the viceroy of Peru.

Three famous people from Chile are Miguel Luis Amunategui, Diego Barros Arana and Benjamin Vicuna Mackenna who were all historians during the second half of the 19th century. Jose Toribio Medina was known international in a variety of fields like history, archaeology and etymology. Other famous historians from Chile include Francisco Antonio Encina, Ricardo Donoso and Arturo Torres Rioseco, who was also known as a literary critic. Then there was Benjamin Subercaseaux, who was not just a historian, but also a novelist.

Who can forget the beautiful novels written about Chile's society in the tradition of Balzac? These novels were written by Alberto Blest Gana, who was also a diplomat. Then there was Joaquin Edwards Bello, who wrote realistic novels about the urban city life in Chile. However, the best known novelist in Chile and perhaps internationally is Jose Donoso.

Chile has also contributed to the field of painting and sculpture with painters like Roberto Matta and Nemesio Antunez; and sculptors like Lily Garafulic and Marta Colvin.

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Famous People From Chile




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