Highest Mountain In Chile  

The highest mountain in Chile is Ojos del Salado. In fact, this mountain is the second highest in entire South America.

Ojos del Salado is located to the east of the Atacama Desert, and it majestically rises above all the surrounding volcanoes. The mountain gets is name from the huge deposits of salts that exist. The salt forms lagoons that appear like eyes. The second highest peak in Chile is Monte Pissis that is located in the south of Chile.As Ojos del Salado is located very close to the Atcama Desert, you will rarely see its peak covered with snow other than in winter. Usually mountaineering experts say that the Ojos del Salado should be scaled in the winter as the weather is perfect for the ascent. In other seasons, the weather is too dry.

The mountain is located in a remote area, and it is difficult to get access to it. That is why is recommended that you rent or hire a vehicle to reach the area near the mountain. Most of the climb up the mountain is via trails. The final part of the ascent is considered to be difficult as one would require ropes to reach the summit.

There is no record of Ojos del Salado erupting. That is why it has been labeled as an extinct volcano. However, in 1937 and 1956, the volcano showed some volcanic activity. Then again in November 1994, the mountain was seen giving out gray colored water vapor and solfataric gases. However, above an elevation of 6,400 meters, the gaseous activity is reduced as there is reduced supply of oxygen.

Ojos del Salado was first ascended in 1937 by members of a Polish expedition that had come to the Andes.

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Highest Mountain In Chile




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