Interesting Facts About Chile  

Interesting Facts About Chile

             The official name of Chile is Republic of Chile. It is located in South America, and shares borders with Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. The country lies on the Pacific coast with the Andes located at the eastern part of the country.More...


Chile Top Rated Restaurants Travel Guide

Chile Top Rated Restaurants Travel Guide            If you are looking for top rated restaurants in Chile, you will find them mostly in the capital city of Santiago. The city has restaurants serving a variety of cuisine, right from authentic Chilean food to French food. The places where the top rated restaurants are located are Barrio Bellavista, Barrio Santa Lucia, Providencia and Las Condes.The Barrio Bellavista is the place where you can find casual as well as fine dining establishments.More..


Highest Mountain In Chile

Highest Mountain In Chile             The highest mountain in Chile is Ojos del Salado. In fact, this mountain is the second highest in entire South America. Ojos del Salado is located to the east of the Atacama Desert, and it majestically rises above all the surrounding volcanoes. The mountain gets is name from the huge deposits of salts that exist. The salt forms lagoons that appear like eyes. The second highest peak in Chile is Monte Pissis that is located in the south of Chile.More...


Chile Majestic Travel Guide

Chile Majestic Travel Guide                    Chile is the thinnest country in the world when you take into accounts the length and the width of the country. The country is long, and as a result it has different climatic conditions in the north and south. The deserts are located in the northern part of the country, while the south is close to the South Pole.The country is very popular among tourists as they come to take in the natural beauty and the local culture.More...


Chile Major Cities

Chile Major Cities                      Chile is quite an attraction for people who visit South America. Some of the major cities in Chile are Santiago, Concepcion, Valparaiso, and Vina del Mar. Each of these cities has numerous sights and attractions to offer..Santiago is the capital of Chile. It is also the largest city in the country. The city is located in the central valley at a height of 520 meters above sea level.More...




South America:

What-Is-The-Capital-Of-Chile      Santiago in central Chile is the capital city of this country, and most Santiaguinos say that ‘Santiago is Chile’.  The city is a major tourist attraction, with the Andes as its backdrop, coastal ranges and a green valley. It was founded in 1541 by Pedro de Valdivia, at the base of Cerro Santa Lucia, and along the banks of the Mapocho River. More..




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