Colombia Cultural Customs  

Columbia is known for many regional cultural traditions, which are quite diverse.

The country has many distinct groups of inhabitants, each with their own customs, accents, social patterns and cultural adaptations.Columbian culture can be broadly divided into three groups -- those living in the interiors, those who live in the coastal regions and finally, the inhabitants of the countryside. It is only during national events like elections, sporting events and cultural programs do all the regional cultures unite.

Columbians living in the interior are known for being well-mannered, and unlike their coastal counterparts, the folks living in the interior always show mutual respect for each other. They hold their elders and women in high regard, and are extremely respectful towards the concept of personal space. This is the reason why you will find these people holding conversations at an arm's length. The violation of this social code of conduct, even in crowded shops or other public places is considered disrespectful and frowned up on.

Strangers greet each other formally, while friends and acquaintances are quite informal. While greeting a man, you must shake hands and make direct eye contact, while women prefer to grasp forearms than shake hands. Use the relevant greeting, like ‘buenos dias’ (good day), ‘buenos tardes’ (good afternoon), or ‘buenos noches’ (good evening/night). Always remember to refer to people by the appropriate title and their surname.

If visiting a Colombian's home, carry fruits, a potted plant, imported wine or chocolates for the hostess. Or, you could send roses in advance. Stay away from lilies or marigolds as they are funeral flowers for Columbians. While dining, be polite and try everything that is put on your plate.

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Colombia Cultural Customs




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