Colombia Traditional Food  

Colombia's traditional food is a blend of indigenous recipes and European recipes.

You will find Colombian cuisine using a lot of fruits and meats, along with hordes of other ingredients like the famous Colombian coffee.If you go to Colombia, you have to try Sancocho. This is considered to be one of the most traditional dishes of the country. Sancocho is a stew that is made from vegetables, namely corn, potatoes and yucca. Even a fruit like banana can added to the stew. Depending on what the recipe calls for, fish or chicken can be added into the stew.

Another traditional food of Colombia is the Bandeja Paisa. This dish is made out of red beans, chorizo, arepa, chicharron, chopped meat, white rice and fried egg. It is a very filling and delicious dish to eat. You do not need anything else when you are eating Bandeja Paisa.

Corn is a stable vegetable in many parts of Colombia. The kernels of the corn are ground to form a flour. This flour is then made into a thick dough with the help of water, and it is cooked like a pancake until the outside is nice and crisp while the inside is soft and mushy. This is the famous arepa. You can also add eggs, spices or sugar to the arepa dough and then fry it like dumplings.

If you go to a Colombian house along the northern coast, do not be surprised to be served fried slice plantains. These are known as tostones, and fried in coconut oil. Also, you may be in for a surprise when you are presented a dish known as culona. This dish is made from frying a fatty variety of ants.

In the western part of Colombia, in the Cauca Valley, you will get a traditional Colombian dish, which is very similar to tamale. However, this dish uses spiced meat, green pepper, onion, olives, raisins which are all stuffed into a plantain leaf and then baked or stewed. This dish is known as hallacas.

In Bogota, you can eat boiled potatoes covered with a cream sauce, onions, tomatoes, cheese, chilies and coriander. This dish is known as Papas chorreadas. You should also taste Ajicao Bogotano, which is a soup made from chicken, potatoes and avocadoes.

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Colombia Traditional Food




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