Culture Of Colombia  

The culture of Colombia is dependent on its geography.

The country is divided into 5 regions, namely the Andes Mountain region, the Caribbean Sea region, the Pacific Ocean region, the Llanos region and the Amazon rain forest region. The culture of Colombia very diverse, and with urbanization and globalization, it has changed still further.The Spanish culture has had a great influence on the culture of Colombia. For instance, the Spanish were responsible for bringing in Catholicism, African slaves and the feudal system. The slaves mingled with the indigenous people and gave rise to a mixed race. This also aided in blending the cultures of the slaves and the indigenous people.

Colombia art is the best representation of the culture of the country. It gives the people sculptures, paintings, films, theater, and many other art forms. Pre-Colombian art was in the form gold work, pottery and stone work. The paintings have been influenced by the pre-Colombian era, the colonial era and the Baroque era. Even the Renaissance and the medieval eras had an influence on the paintings of Colombia during the early colonial period.

Most Colombian literature focuses on religion, but has Spanish influence. Just prior to independence, the literature focused more on politics and political thoughts. In the 19th and 20th centuries, more emphasis was given to the peasant's way of life.

Music beautifully expresses the diverse culture of Colombia. Song and dance hold a special place in a common person's life. Cumbia is a genre of Colombia music that is a perfect blend of Spanish and African music. Other music genres in Colombia include Champeta, Abozao, Juga, Pilon, Porro, Seis, Socca and Tambora.

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Culture Of Colombia




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