Facts About The Country Colombia  

Colombia is situated in the northwestern part of South America. It is the second largest Spanish speaking country after Mexico; and it is the 26th largest country in the world

. Here are some interesting facts about the country called Colombia.

Facts About Colombia:

  • Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Panama border Colombia.
  • The capital of the country is Bogota. It is the largest city in the country, and also the most populated.
  • Colombia produces nearly 12 percent of the world's coffee.
  • The airport at Bogota is considered to be the largest and the most expensive one in South America.
  • The highest peak in the country is Pico Cristobal Colon. It stands at 19,020 feet.
  • The country has got its name from Christopher Columbus.
  • The country has a very diverse culture, and has been influenced by European, Native American, Middle Eastern and African cultures.
  • Just like its culture, even the cuisine is extremely diverse. The main influences on the cuisine come from Spanish cuisine, French cuisine and Italian cuisine. However, it has also been influenced by American cuisine and the traditional cuisine of the Native Americans.
  • The geography of the country is quite diverse, ranging from highlands to rain forests to tropical grasslands.
  • Colombia hosts the Festival of Flowers, better known as Vallenato Lefend Festival, each year that attracts thousands of people from all over the world.
  • The country does not have any seasons other than summer. It receives sunshine right through the year because it is close to the equator. However, the coasts have tropical heat, while the mountainous regions experience snowfall.

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Facts About The Country Colombia




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