Independence Day In Colombia  

Colombia is the only country located in the Andes and in South America that has ports and long coasts that border the Atlantic Oceans and Pacific Ocean.

In addition, this beautiful country extends over both sides of the equator. The country is blessed with a variety of landscapes and climates that is conducive to different sorts of economic activities.To the east of Colombia are Venezuela and Brazil; Ecuador and Peru are situated on the south; while Panama is located in the northwest. In addition, the country also owns Malepelo Island in the Pacific along with several smaller islands, coral reefs, islets and sandbanks in the Caribbean Sea.

Today, the country is a free democracy, but it was not always the case. In 1819, Simon Bolivar, who was a Venezuelan by birth, ended up becoming the first president of Colombia. However, Colombia only achieved its independence on July 20, 1810. The struggle for independence in Colombia is symbolized by its flag. The yellow stripe on the flag represents all the rich and abundant natural resources the country is blessed with. The blue, which is the second stripe, represents the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans; while the last stripe is red, and stands for the blood that was spilt to gain freedom from Spanish rule.

It was way back in 1499 when the Spanish explorers first came to explore the Caribbean littoral. Then in 1502, Christopher Columbus came near the Caribbean. Finally in 1508, Spain decided to conquest the territory from the native people. The native people comprised of hundreds of tribes of Carib and Chibchan Indians. The Spaniards used warfare and alliances to get the territory. Then in the 16th century, the European settlers started bringing in slaves from Africa, and this changed the demography of the region.

However, by the 19th century, the war for independence gain popularity and the last one was fought in 1810 where the revolutionary leaders like Simon Bolivar and Francisco de Paula Santander asked for outright independence from Spain rather than autonomy.

After gaining its independence from Spain, the Viceroyalty of New Granada ended up becoming the Republic of Colombia, and this republic was made up of Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. At that time, Panama was a part of Colombia.

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Independence Day In Colombia




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