Languages Spoken In Colombia  

The official language spoken in Colombia is Spanish. However, the accent in which Spanish is spoken is a little different from the one that is used in Spain.

Nonetheless, the major language spoken in the country is Spanish. However, besides Spanish, many other languages are spoken in Colombia.The languages that are spoken by ethnic groups in different districts of Colombia are considered to be official languages according to the Colombian Constitution. In some regions in Colombia, non-Spanish languages are also the medium of education in school; and some schools are bilingual teaching Spanish as well as the language spoken in the district or region.

At the moment, there are around 60 native languages that are spoken in Colombia. Some of them are Ticuna, San Andres-Providencia Creole, Paezan languages, Minica Huitoto, Kuna, Guahibo, Cuiba, Cocama-Cocamilla, and Arawakan languages.

There are also some regional dialects spoken by the people. For instance, in the southwest region of the country, people speak Andean, also known as Pastuso. In the Caribbean region, the Caribbean people speak Caribbean or Coastal; in coffee growing areas, people speak Paisa; Rolo is a dialect that is spoken in Bogota; the Valley dialect is spoken in the Cauca River valley.

According to scholars, around 101 languages are spoken by the Colombians, and out of them 81 are still in use. Around 21 languages have become extinct. Some of the extinct languages are Andaqui, Barbacoas, Chipiajes, Omejes, Ponares, Runa, Natagaimas, Cauca and Anserma. These languages are no longer spoken by the people of Colombia.

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Languages Spoken In Colombia




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