Ecuador History Timeline  

Ecuador is a popular country among tourists, who come to see the natural beauty, and get a taste of the country's culture and history.

Ecuador is steeped in history, and has an interesting past that can be easily depicted and explained by way of a history timeline.

Here is a brief look at Ecuador's history timeline:

3500 BC - 500 BC: The first permanent settlement was established in the region

1400s AD: The Incas come from Peru and invade Ecuador after beating the natives

1535: The Spanish conquistadors come and overthrow the Incas from Ecuador. The country comes under Spanish rule

1700s: Spain joins Ecuador with the neighboring territories to form the Viceroyalty of New Granada. This consists of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama.

1810: Napoleon overthrows the king of Spain, while the Viceroyalty of New Granada form their own independent government.

1814: Spanish troops arrive from Spain to suppress the uprising and calls for independence

1819: Simon Bolivar defeats the Spanish army in the Battle of Boyaca, and the Gran Colombia or Republic of Colombia is formed comprising of Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador

1822: The Spanish finally are defeated in the Battle of Pichincha

1830: Ecuador gains independence

1861: Gabriel Garcia Moreno becomes the president of Ecuador

1875: Gabriel Moreno is assassinated

1896: General Eloy Alfaro takes over the government, and this brings an end to the control of the Roman Catholic Church wielded over the government

1925 to 1948: During this period, Ecuador gets 22 presidents, but none of them serve a complete term because of the economic and social problems plaguing the country

1963: Ecuador comes under military rule

1966: Military rule comes to an end in Ecuador

1970: Velasco, another president of Ecuador, suspends the constitution of the country, and turns into a dictator

1972: Velasco is overthrown by the Ecuadorian military, and General Guillermo Rodriguez Lara takes over

1976: General Rodriguez Lara is overthrown by the military

1979: Ecuador starts having elections to elect government officials

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Ecuador History Timeline




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